We supply chemical, agrochemical and
pharmaceutical products and raw materials
from India and Europe to Russian and CIS countries market.

Our company was founded in 1987 in Manchester, Great Britain. In 2001 we entered to CIS countries market. Currently group of companies has 68employees, branches, offices and storages in England, India and CIS. Annual turnover is more than 50 million USD.

For suppliers we offer:

  • Strong sales and marketing network;
  • Regulatory liaison;
  • Gateway to the CIS market;
  • Expertise in government auctions and tenders.

For clients we offer:

  • Chemical, agrochemical and pharmaceutical product from largest Indian suppliers;
  • Development of bespoke dosages and drug combinations;
  • India based custom and contract research and development;
  • Contract manufacturing services of pharmaceutical, agrochemical and chemical products;
  • Finish product packing design and development.

Officially we represent following suppliers In Russia and CIS

Turnkey projects and technology transfers between India, CIS and Europe
Cosmetics and Bioactive Additives

We supply of Cosmetics and Bioactive Additives from Indian manufacturer Hamdard and Russian manufacturer of cosmetics Zorka-Zorenka.

All range of product exposed on our on-line shop Good Looks


Holiday and excursion planning and support in India - Pirache Hospitality Group

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